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LabKey Server is open source software that helps scientists organize, analyze, and share biomedical research data.

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From the hundreds of spreadsheets scattered on desktop computers, to the huge files generated in genomics and proteomics experiments, every research team faces data management challenges.

LabKey Server is a secure, web-based data management platform that helps you meet those challenges.  It provides a flexible and scalable foundation for building applications customized to your research protocols, analysis tools and data sharing requirements.

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LabKey Server combines the accessibility of a web application with the reliability of a relational database, all built in an open source project using open source components.

In addition, LabKey Server offers well-defined application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable programmers to customize their applications using a variety of scripting languages—allowing them to leverage functionality already built into the platform.


LabKey Server continues  to evolve as it has been successfully adapted to a diverse range of disciplines, including proteomics, flow cytometry, and observational study management.

Developers and users have found that building applications around the LabKey Server platform leads to fewer defects, faster and less expensive customization, and lower project risk.