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Thanks to all who joined us for the 2014 User Conference and Workshop! We were excited to see a great mix of new faces and established users highlighting the global reach of LabKey Server - attendees from Seattle to Kenya shared their experiences with research taking place all over the world.


LabKey Software is pleased to announce the 2014 LabKey User Conference and Workshop October 23rd - 24th in Seattle.  The LabKey User Conference will bring together LabKey Server developers, users, and administrators, providing an opportunity for members of the community to share their experiences, learn from each other, and apply new knowledge to their scientific data management challenges.

LabKey User Conference - Thursday, October 23rd

The LabKey User Conference will give attendees of all technical levels the chance to meet others in the LabKey Server Community. Presentations by leading adopters will help attendees explore model applications of the platform, areas of recent development, and operational considerations for ensuring successful projects. Between sessions, attendees will interact directly with platform developers, major platform funders, and each other; exchanging questions and receiving practical advice on how to address common needs. Please visit our Conference page for event details, speaker bios and presentation abstracts.

LabKey User Workshop - Friday, October 24th
The LabKey User Workshop will offer workshop and training sessions along with presentations to help you apply LabKey Server to your unique data challenges. Members of the LabKey team will work closely with attendees throughout the day. Whether you are a veteran developer of custom LabKey Server applications, or just starting to explore platform capabilities, this is a great opportunity to learn how to make the best use of LabKey Server.  Please visit our Workshop page for topics and lightning talk information.

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