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LabKey Software is pleased to announce the 2014 LabKey User Conference and Workshop October 23rd - 24th in Seattle.

LabKey Server is an open-source platform for managing biomedical research data. The LabKey User Conference will bring together LabKey Server developers, users, and administrators, providing an opportunity for members of the community to share their experiences, learn from each other, and apply new knowledge to their scientific data management challenges.

On Thursday, October 23, you'll have the chance to meet others in the LabKey Server Community. Presentations by select LabKey Server users will provide real-world examples of how you can utilize and extend the platform to meet the evolving needs of your network, lab or institution.  Interested in presenting?  To submit an abstract, or for more information, please email

On Friday, October 24, we'll offer workshop and training sessions along with presentations to help you apply LabKey Server to your unique data challenges.  Members of the LabKey team will work closely with attendees throughout the day.  Whether you are a veteran developer of custom LabKey Server applications, or just starting to explore platform capabilities, this is a great opportunity to learn how to make the best use of LabKey Server.

Registration opens soon.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive conference- and release-related announcements, or email with any questions.

Dr. Asare is the Senior Director of Data Analysis for the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), a clinical research consortium sponsored by NIAID/NIH and JDRF.  Dr. Asare has a Doctorate in Clinical Pathology, and completed a 4-year National Library of Medicine (NLM) fellowship in Biomedical Informatics focusing on data integration and analyses of specialty testing data.  His research interests include standardization and analysis of high dimensional data sets such as gene expression microarray and multicolor flow cytometry data, in a clinical trial setting.  He is a strong proponent of reproducible, transparent research where data sets and open-source programmatic code can be disseminated to the research community for validation.  Dr. Asare has led the effort to develop ITN TrialShare, a data management system built on LabKey Server that provides a single system for managing ITN clinical trial data.  The system combines clinical, assay, and specimen data, providing integrated data analysis, reporting, and visualization for many of ITN’s clinical studies. Committed to transparency and data sharing, ITN is moving toward releasing TrialShare as a public resource, making clinical study data and analysis available to the wider research community.  As such, Dr. Asare is particularly interested in enhancing TrialShare’s ability to allow easy data exploration and analysis by researchers who are not involved in the original trials.